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Hong Kong Disneyland: 10 tips and tricks!

Hong Kong Disneyland Mickey Mouse

It may the world’s smallest Disneyland but Hong Kong Disneyland packs a lot in! With seven lands to explore and all your favourite characters – Disneyland is a must-do for your Hong Kong family adventure. Here are our top 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of your visit!

Hong Kong Disneyland
Lantau Island
Hong Kong

1 day ticket

[12-64yrs] HK$539/US$70/€62

[3-11years] HK$385/US$50/€44

[0-2yrs] FREE

2 day ticket

[12-64yrs] HK$739/US$94/€85

[3-11years] HK$525/US$67/€60

[0-2yrs] FREE

Hong Kong family trip essentials

1. Let’s go!

Hong Kong Disneyland is on Lantau Island and getting there is easy. MTR trains run from Sunny Bay Station to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and back daily, from early in the morning until late at night. Trains arrive frequently, every few minutes or so. And you can purchase your Disney tickets at the  Hong Kong MTR station.

Our day at Disneyland was on a trip when were transiting through Hong Kong. We left our luggage in a locker at the airport (also on Lantau Island) and jumped in a taxi to the Disney resort returning in the evening for our onward flight. We got our tickets at the Airport (Terminal 2).

You can also get tickets through your hotel, online, and, at some Circle K convenience stores. It’s a good idea to get your tickets (and a Disneyland map!) in advance to save queuing once at Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland Carousel

2. Wonderful week days!

If possible, plan your visit for mid-week and skip the queues. Many Hong Kong locals have annual passes so it can get busy on the weekend. Hong Kong Disneyland is super popular with mainland Chinese visitors so be sure to check Chinese holidays times – like school holidays, Easter and Chinese New Year – and plan accordingly.

3. Be the early bird

Hong Kong locals like to stay up late – and start the day pretty late too! Take advantage of the local sleepyheads slow start and get to Disneyland as it opens and your first couple of hours could be relatively quiet. Get there early – around 9:30am –  ready for gates to open at 10am.

4. Show time!

Hong Kong Disneyland has fantastic shows! Be sure to check out The Lion King and Mickey and the Wondrous Book.

Hong Kong Disneyland The Lion King

5. Go deep!

On arrival, visitors will often head straight through Cinderella’s castle and into the Magic Kingdom. Instead, consider going deep into the park to Adventureland or Tomorrowland and then work your way back – you’ll skip the crowds and queues will be shorter. Also – go left! Most people head right at theme parks. It’s true!

6. Meet and greet

Most visitors head straight to the character meet and greets near the entrance when the gates open. Queues there build up fast! Skip the lines and head straight for the rides! Instead you can meet characters at the Fantasy Gardens in Fantasyland (from 12noon to 6:30pm) – the lines there will be much shorter.

7. Rumbling tummies

Only light snacks – such as crackers and cookies –  are allowed in Disneyland. And you can also take your own water or juice. Take plenty of these and then head to one of the Hong Kong Disneyland Restaurants options for meals. If it’s hot (reasonably likely!) ensure your child stays hydrated. And regular snack breaks help little moods stay buoyant! A good trick is to have an early lunch to skip restaurant waits and then head out to the attractions whilst everyone else is eating. Genius!

8. Sizzling in summer

Summer in Hong Kong is HOT! Whilst our time at Hong Kong Disneyland was on a (perfect) sunny and mild winter’s day in January, our second trip to Hong Kong was in the middle of a very hot and steamy summer. If you are visiting in summer, pack plenty of sunscreen, water, hats and insect repellent for the evening.  Consider packing an umbrella for shade and a mini battery-powered fan to keep cool. Keep in mind that summer nights are also hot and humid.

Hong Kong Disneyland Donald and Goofy

9. One day, two day?

If time allows and you have very young children, consider a two-day ticket. Price-wise it’s not too much more and it will give you more flexibility if your child is too young for a really long day. We suggest doing the rides in the morning one day (getting get a head start on the queues!) and then return for the afternoon (for the 3:30pm Flights of Fantasy Parade) and evening (for the 7:15pm Disney Paint the Night Parade and the 8:30pm Disney in the Stars fireworks.) on the second day. Older children will cope better with a longer day.

10. Zoom around with Fast Pass

You can pre-book rides using Fast Pass. By inserting your park entrance ticket into the fast pass machine, you’ll get a specific time to come back for the ride – jumping the queue and saving time! You can only have one fast pass at a time and it has to have expired before getting another.

Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks

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