Air travel with your baby or toddler: a baby packing list

flying with babies and toddlers

Flying with your baby or toddler for the first time (and even the second and the third time!) can be intimidating – use our baby packing list to make sure you’ve got all your babies needs covered!

Packing your on board bag for a small toddler or baby can be stressful. Remembering something you have forgotten to bring 1 hour into a 10 hour flight is the stuff of pre-flight nightmares.

Use our interactive packing list to ease any packing woes. Our clever list will remember what you have ticked off if you return to it later (on the same device).

Happy packing!

What to pack

A collapsible stroller
Your stroller can be gate checked as you board your flight meaning you can use your stroller till the last minute!
Enough to make it through the flight plus lots extra!
Diapers Cream
In a tube no bigger than 100ml/3.4 ounces due to international airline regulations, bigger volumes need to go into your checked luggage.
Lots of wet wipes
Keep one pack on your person and another in your hand luggage so you don't have to rummage around in the overhead compartment.
A change pad
Disposable ones are good for air travel!
At least one spare change of clothes for your baby
Keep clothing items together in a zip lock bag so they are handy and use the bag later for soiled clothing.
A change of top for yourself
In case of baby spills!
Hand sanitiser
It's not alway convenient to go to the plane bathroom to wash your hands.
If your baby uses a bottle, pack an extra one as well as sippy cups and baby eating utensils.
If your baby uses a pacifier, pack a couple of extra and stash them in easy to reach places!
Bibs and cloths
For spills and mishaps!
Childrens pain and fever medication
Consider medication for sore ears whilst taking off and landing. An older toddler could suck a lollipop to help.
Knocks and scrapes always feel better faster with a colourful band aid!
Picture books and a few toys
New toys are always exciting but avoid ones with small parts that can easily get lost.
Stickers, paper and washable markers for older children
Consider triangular shaped markers - they won't roll off the plane table!
Digital devices
Load up your phone and tablet with favourite programmes and games - remember toddler-sized earphones.
A special cuddly toy
If you have two of the same one even better - in case one goes missing!
Snacks, snacks and more snacks!
Healthy ones as well as a few treat surprises! Snacks that occupy a bit of time - like getting raisons out of a box - are a good choice!


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